Jungler is the real 'carry' in this game

#1yourDaddiePosted 11/23/2012 9:11:54 AM
seriously no other role influences so much on the outcome and map control as the jungler, since the term 'carry' means carring the team, 'carries should actually be called DPSsers, and the junglers is the one who actually carries the games most of the time
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You heard the man. Go and edit all your guides and websites and articles and anything that refers to an "ADC" and have them change it to "AD". Also update any reference to the jungler to read "jungle carry". Go now! This is of vital importance!
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Thank you, kind sir. The following information has been proven to be useful, and I will present my thanks to you on behalf of all the GameFAQs community.
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I saw this thread, and won 10 rank games in a row ever since.
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I don't know why people are being such jerks in this thread, he was just trying to make a point.
#8ExalxPosted 11/23/2012 10:38:23 AM
Slayer1217 posted...
I don't know why people are being such jerks in this thread, he was just trying to make a point.

Excuse me, sir. What in Odin's name are you talking about? Do you not understand the significance of this topic? From the time that I first learned the roles of League of Legends, I have always had this frustrated feeling in the back of my head. It was as if something was terribly wrong but I just could not figure out what it was.

Now, it is as if a fog has been lifted! Oh glorious day! PRAISE!
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#10darth254Posted 11/23/2012 10:53:07 AM
I wouldn't call jungler the carry, but I do agree that jungler is the position with the greatest impact on the outcome of the game.