SNSD Ahri skin only available in South Korea

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User Info: neon screen

neon screen
4 years ago#11
Splash art looks fake as ****

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#12
SKEXE posted...
The article also mentions Moonwalker Talon at the end, which was fake.

Suspicions raised.

This lol. Fake, and the splash art isn't riot styled.

User Info: Aphoristic

4 years ago#13

[ Aphoristic (360/Steam/League) | Aphoristic92 (PS3) ]
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User Info: dsownge

4 years ago#14
Where can I download Skin?

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#15
Aphoristic posted...


riot plz
Elise is my waifu! Hands off!

User Info: gallantknight

4 years ago#16
Riot lives another day
"When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful!"

User Info: lDPl

4 years ago#17
Mmm, this jerked chicken is good. I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked.
It's used to it! Woooo!

User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#18
You linked to a Korean League of Legends fansite filled with user-created content.

How would anyone fall for this?
ill be here 4 u eco jus lyk the mop on the commercial babby-wechina23
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User Info: Tro77Tro

4 years ago#19
From: angermngment101 | #004
wut da duck, i dont even play ahri but id get that skin
Fiora is mai waifu. :O
"I read this as a Bannanable Offense. I was like, what ksing with raka?" -Kirby1207

User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#20
2NE1 skin that was Korean exclusive, then I would be mad. Archaic jpop group singing in Korean. No thanks.
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