Signs that you have a bad team

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Maybe someday people will understand that ks or being fed TOO much hurts the team too.
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th3nobodi3s posted...
x's or 420 type junk in name
they play teemo or yi
they speak any language other than english
they call mid or top
they try to say x champion in bad or OP
basically 95% of people you see are bad 4% are acceptable and 1% are good

master yeh 420
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Try_Harder_Nubz posted...
Signs that it's not your team who's bad but you who's bad:

-You complain about nobody calling mia
-You judge people by their usernames
-You piss and moan about how OP the enemy team's champions are
-You cry all game long about how useless your jungler/adc/top/support/mid is in all chat and try to claim that they're the reason you lost the game
-You go in and when nobody follows you and you die you start raging "omg y nobdoy follw gg afk"
-You blame others for your mistakes (tower diving and blaming the jungler for not being there when the enemy jungler came by to kill you under tower)
-You complain about KS

the list goes on but generally anyone who complains about people missing is bad at the game

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remember folks. KS = Kill Secured
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GameEnforcer posted...
Maybe someday people will understand that ks or being fed TOO much hurts the team too.

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