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I think i faced the best Kat ive ever seen yesterdaydrlolimaster510/21 12:36PM
C9 featured in this months edition of Playboy magazine
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Tekutso3210/21 12:33PM
Okay man, screw taric
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RedditAssassin1710/21 12:31PM
Been thinking of making a big post with every champ specific gimmicks to learn (Poll)
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Dartkun1110/21 12:26PM
Will I be able to hit plat by the end of the season?PraetorianGhost610/21 12:08PM
I ask my fellow Dunk Masters...
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akaKLeo1910/21 12:02PM
Riot knows nerfing base hp and hp scaling is the best way to gut a champ........
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NuramaTheBD3010/21 11:58AM
Every Vi game I've tried to play, I've been counterjungled
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nissan skyline1610/21 11:40AM
I gave up my gold aspirations for a few monthsflyguy101210/21 11:33AM
Hi recently got a new laptop need help please?
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Animenerd242310/21 11:03AM
Is there a single champion that can be viable, or even useable in all positions?
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IfGodCouldDie5710/21 10:59AM
Qtpie doesn't seem like the free-agent kindZeron RB310/21 10:58AM
Did I deserve a report for verbal abuse? Or am I literally at risk for talking?
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MasterShot2k53010/21 10:51AM
Is team builder top lane bugged?profzX410/21 10:46AM
Mechanic idea: Wind GroundBlack_Assassin710/21 10:36AM
JOEYCorn ballsCob GOTTIKing, Best Corn Farmer NA, AMABlbmbr666610/21 10:33AM
targon annie supportdarkphoenix181510/21 10:31AM
Real men onlyOkaX210/21 10:31AM
Don't auto lock a role if you're not going to do your job.yakashamonian1010/21 10:00AM
Which of these is the leading cause of death of LoL players (Poll)CrowsB4Hoes910/21 9:54AM