[THEORYCRAFT]: What will be the League of Legends Season 3 meta?

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Mid will emphasize more mobile champions to roam because of increased jungle difficulty. We will see more mobile champions like Ahri and Diana being played in mid rather than snowbally champions (Katarina and Mord) or Utility champions (Anivia and Orianna) because they need to gank. This means mid tower will probably be taken last meaning junglers will have less access to the enemy jungle.

Kat is mobile as hell and great at roaming. WTF you on.

Yeah but early levels Kat isn't that strong.
Ahri after 3 can do stupid damage.

And by the time Kat hits 6 she can go bot and get a double kill easy...
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Wasn't season 1 AP carry top, adc mid, jungler and 2 bot( with one often being a roamer) for dragon control?

ADC Mid was before season 1 iirc. Also can't remember when this happened but before the boots + 3 everyone is doing, it was Dorans + pot then Just Dorans (because of doran price change).