Who's the most fraudulent player you know?

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4 years ago#11
Elise is my waifu! Hands off!
4 years ago#12
Hard to choose between Hotshot, Dyrus and Aphromoo. First one is a failure, second one flames too much on ranked games and he makes a lot of mistakes, and last but not least, Aphro is an elo booster, getting profit for playing smurf accounts for other people who are willing to pay 50$ or more to get gold/platinum.
4 years ago#13
Xander, Hotshot, and my friend.
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4 years ago#14
Haters hating Hotshot.
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4 years ago#15
2 of my friends. 1 claimed to be 2200+ ELO in season 1, but wears the season 2 silver cup portrait.

The other 1 watches lots of streams and reads about LoL. "So he knows how LoL should be played". He will direct a game a LoL like he's playing Command And Conquer. Flame his team, even friends over voice comms, so degrading and abusive with passion, if someone was doing that to my face I would put my fist through theirs. And he said to me last week that he thinks he plays at a 1400ish ELO.

I don't play ranked, but 1400 sounds really low to me, so he seems like the biggest tryhard in LoL history.
4 years ago#16
1400 is top 25% i believe. probably top 10%, gold is top 5% iirc.

It's probably my friend Luc. He thinks he's great, and he's such a good theory crafter, but god damn does he suck at this game.

Or it's me.
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4 years ago#17
From: themagicpainman | #053
Xander, Hotshot, and my friend.

This. Especially his friend. F*** that guy
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4 years ago#18


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4 years ago#19
LaqOfInterest posted...
Hotshot's adorable. Y'all haters be jealous.

He seems like a douchebag to be honest lol.
(message deleted)
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