In ranked, I have won 9 out of the 11 games as support.

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If you learn to play it well, the OH DEAR GOD YES PLEASE DO!!!! I don't know how many times I've seen someone just absolutely suck as support. "Oh I'm blitzcrank. I'll just build like a tank and not take CS, that'll make me a support." "I'm Soraka, I'll heal my carry, but first let me get my Q."

Learn to play other roles. I played support for 7 levels to go from 23-30, and I got carried so high in my normal ELO that I really can't play any other role effectively (it's gotten better, but I still can't really play top lane and I'm a decent tank). But yeah anyone who can main support and be good at it is great, it will help your ELO because almost all players can carry, mid, or top, very few are truly great supports, and they make good and great ADCs #1 ADC NA.

You're a decent "tank"?

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Was expecting AMA topic.
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Ive been playing support a lot recently. Any advice? harass, heal, stun, buy tons of wards and ward river and jungles, buy gold generating items. Anything else? What masteries and runes are best?

I am going to hold off on masteries for now, since they are changing in S3.

My advice: Main adc first (what I did).

This will teach you the strengths of each champion in bot lane, will show you what kind of mistakes will get you ganked, will tell you when to be passive, when to be aggressive. Will show you which supports work great against certain adc, and which tend to fail against certain adc. Will show you which supports work with which adc best, etc...

If you play support, and you dont have any idea how this stuff works, you will just blame the failure on the adc. My opinion is that bot lane is almost 75% in the supports hands.

Sometimes I see people say soraka is a passive support. They are so ignorant, because how the hell is a ranged soraka passive? Throw bananas all day. Zone the other adc, or support. Use your silence offensively. Never get Q in lane (I have found no benefit in this skill in lane other than to piss off your adc). Almost every soraka I ever laned with got Q for some reason, and gets this dumb urge to use it on minions every now and then. Sure, if we are pushing the lane and then going back I dont mind, but never harass with Q. Always keep your adcs mana high. You never want them to be unable to escape or get a kill because your lousy self didnt give them an infuse even one time in lane.

Then when you start playing support, you will know when its safe to get an oracle, when its not a good idea. What items to get, and when, and why, etc..
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Oh, and for runes: AD marks, armor seals, your choice of glyphs (I go mr/level because I dont like getting one shot by fed enemy apc), and MS quints (because often I dont get boots until I complete my first or sometimes second gp10 item.
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This probably means you suck and shouldn't try to carry games because in the end you will just screw it up and blame someone else.
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This probably means you suck and shouldn't try to carry games because in the end you will just screw it up and blame someone else.

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