Who will be the next champion to get a "Theme" skin like Pulse Fire Ezreal?

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A cho that evolves, on ever feast is my guess. Like Cell from DBZ

ermahgerd yes

I literlally just lost it at work. lol
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From: diego_vel | #023

Holy crap. So much yes.
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I still want Gentleman Master Yi. 7 Monacles and a pimp cane instead of a sword.
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would love to see a theme for Nasus, dont even care what it was as long as it had a voice similar to original nasus, even if he aint the best champ, could even be something ridiculous like pitbull nasus or Snoopy
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Lux really needs a new non ugly skin.

So lux, I would buy it, then not play the game for weeks because of all the Bad lux players not knowing how to play my Waifu ( ._.)
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Walker_Real posted...
Is Pulsefire the only Theme that any one thinks of =_=

Looks more like gundam J4

Well considering it's the only one they have labeled as a theme, yes. There are skins which have a theme in common. (The commando and pentakill ones. ) They are not Theme skins however. a Theme skin has a summoner icon and banner to go with it, and by default are more expensive than legendary skins. Of course that's based on, you know, the ONLY theme skin out right now... Pulsfire Ezreal. =_=
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that would be cool.
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Irelia, she's been nerfed so many times she deserves something good. Also she's been in tournaments for quite some time now.
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