Acidtonex58's 1v1 Proving Grounds Tournament!

#1kanetsugu99Posted 11/28/2012 7:59:57 PM(edited)
This is going to be the official topic for the 1v1 tournament.

The first round of the tournament starts the weekend of December 14th. This will allow you to have a 3 day window to get your first games in. The rest of the games will continue on after the holidays on the weekend of January 7th (subject to change based on feedback).

The bracket can be found here:

The updated rules are also on the challonge page in case you forgot or need to check them.

Acidtonex58 will also be streaming as many games as he can and will be giving away $10 RP codes to viewers on stream. If you want your game streamed be sure to add "zSR" and message him about getting him to spectate.
His stream can be found here:

Now for some feedback. I feel like the rounds should be split up into different days such as the first round being the weekend of December 14th, and continue after the holidays. Should that be the way it goes? Should I just set a deadline for matches to be played?

If you need to contact me for anything regarding the tournament or have any feedback please contact me at one of the following:
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Steam ID: Kanetsugu
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WHY DO I MISS EVERY SINGLE TOURNEY POST! DLAKHDLKASUDGASJEGHLASGTHGHHSDLJKASDHK;JLASDGKJ;SHDG;KJDG WAI RIOT WAI U DO DIS 2 ME. If anyone else wants to join, Say you do So I can Fight you and we can do dis. pls acid pls tem 4?
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Let me fill in my bracket guys.
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dammit im playing seph
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**** I'm up against the same guy who dominated me last time.
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Bump for lulz
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Bump to let people see there position in the bracket.
"The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It's one of the never-ending cycles in life."
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im about to play funk
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I wish I could play in this but sadly I play on a Mac and Macs don't have screenshotting stuff in the format you use x.x
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Can't wait
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