Las vegas IPL Tourney *official Thraed*

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4 years ago#441
dat sona ult and its misses
4 years ago#442
Hotshot such a noob. Yeah lets wander out there alone vs 4 enemies
4 years ago#443 stream blows. Stuttering along at 360p which looks slightly worse than a used piece of toilet paper.
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4 years ago#444
dat Curse
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4 years ago#445

isnt as bad as some may say. shulda had double with them tho
4 years ago#446
Threw it away at baron
4 years ago#447
Big throws at baron. They really should nto have done it at such low hp with 3 people when ashe and nunu were up.

CLG.NA dont throw br0s.

Twitch is also 0 wins for 3 losses this tourny, dunno if it's all from doublelift but I don't see why they would pick him if they can't find any success.
4 years ago#448
These casters look pretty huffy after CLG.NA got rolled.
4 years ago#449
lol dat 3vs1 lulu

cupcakes too OP
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4 years ago#450
TPA throw city
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