Is LoL a racist game?

#1crondizzlePosted 11/29/2012 5:18:59 PM
Theres no black champions at all... 100+ and there's only Nidalee who's half black. And I haven't even seen one black person playing this game ever, except Aphromoo. Where is all the black people?
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Oh look, this topic again.
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From: flyguy101 | #002
Oh look, this topic again.

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Not changing this until the Mariners win the world series.
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Panda Teemo. He's White, Black, and Asian!

Learn a thing or two from him.
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You're a racist game.
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Fast twitch fibers are only good in basketball.
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Is Lord of the Rings a racist series of books? There are no black characters at all.
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