I don't understand people.

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So I was top as jayce with a heimerdinger since it's normals and people don't know how to jungle.

During the laning phase I get 4-5 kills. The game transitions into mid game and I get another couple of easy kills when roaming. Then I get another 1 or 2 kills in teamfights, and people start crying about ksing and how I will get reported.

Needless to say, I then worry about using my abilities (at least AoEing ones) in teamfights as I don't want to accidentally ks. Then a low-health Kha'zix kills three people on my team and since we're losing the teamfight pretty badly I retreat. Then people start raging about how I'm an idiot for not focusing Kha'zix. Later in the game (since I was pretty fed and built quite tanky), I stay in a really bad teamfight and since I see Jax coming in on the minimap, I go ahead and try to get the enemies as low as possible. I die, and Jax swoops in and gets a quadra kill. My team? "lol noob Jayce died, Jax is so pro!" and "nice u got a quadra all by urself!" and I... I just don't understand people. At all.

Like, how are you supposed to play this game? Getting kills is wrong, assisting is wrong,
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People are stupid.
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KarmicDragon1 posted...
I then worry about using my abilities (at least AoEing ones) in teamfights as I don't want to accidentally ks.

Don't do this. Ever. If your team is crying KS tell them to learn to play the game and just continue doing what you are doing.
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There's no kill steal in LoL anyone who says else wise is a liar. Also their mother is the mother of a liar (thought I'd throw that out there). Anyway ks actually stands for kill secure and is greatly appreciated by all teams. A kill is a kill regardless of who gets it, it benefits your team greatly by the fact you're up in numbers which is always hugeeeeeee advantage regardless of who got the kill. With that said, if you're playing support (blitz,sona,lulu, leona) whatever, and got a stun/pull off on the ADC and drop them to half a bar of health remaining and the their support is way out of position, it's usually very beneficial to just stop attacking and let your ADC get the kill. If your ADC can't kill someone with like 50 hp left thats out of position and not near their tower, then gg your teammate is stupid and at which point I no longer set up kills for my ADC and just proceed to carry my team as a support.

TLDR; ks = kill secure, it's nice to let your ADC/more important roles get kills but getting kills is more important than not getting kills. You're Jayce anyway anyone who was complaining on your team is a moron.
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Just have to mute idiots like that. If they're not doing well they'll find anything to complain about to make it so it's not their fault. They're good no matter what, you're obviously ruining their perfection.


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#6xDarknezzxPosted 11/30/2012 1:22:44 PM
karmicdragon topic but hes right, i ve been playing on a noob account lately and people are insane about ksing
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Inb4 It's a Karmic post ( Ninja'ed :[ )

In all seriousness, i just don't get what some people are thinking when they play this game. I'm level 27, i prefer to play bots (not that great a player really) because of situations like this.

I try to play with players and learn to get better in bind pick normals, make one mistake and you'll get harassed all game. They make a mistake? Still your fault.

Heck, one Intermed bot game i was Blitz ganking to feed our ADC, Fid who was failing jungle went to gank bot lane between the towers or something and got caught by Bot Cho midway between lanes. he loses, and blames me for not being map aware. Assuming i could have made it from their first tower to him and he was alive, sure, my fault for being poor at map awareness. Realistically, i would have made it there in time to /d on his corpse :/

He then proceeds to spend the game degrading me for it, saying i should only play beginner bots. Fid ends like 3/4/7, i end 14/5/17. I took the high road, apologized and hoped if reported, people actually read chat.

But seriously, It's not like Intermeds pose a real threat if 1 or 2 team members have higher brain function.

TL;DR - I agree, the player base in this game seems overwhelmingly toxic in situations that really don't deserve it.
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Shivan999999999 posted...
TL;DR - I agree, the player base in this game seems overwhelmingly toxic.

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FlameLord23 posted...
Shivan999999999 posted...
TL;DR - I agree, the player base in this game seems overwhelmingly toxic.


I didn't want to be that broad being only level 27, but it certainly does seem that way sometimes :/
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#10chicostickPosted 11/30/2012 1:46:52 PM
by chance, was heimer the one calling you a kser?

Because I've had 2 different heimers call me that this past week.