Who do you feel is over-rated?

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4 years ago#11
Ezrael pre and post nerf
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4 years ago#12
pecofan999 posted...
Taric. I see him in nearly every ranked match now, and I'm completely baffled. As someone who pretty much mains the support role, I can honestly say there are better choices than Taric in most matchups.

You main support. Better choices then taric in most matchups.

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4 years ago#13
Taric is just a "safe" pick from personal experience

Actual support, I feel Sona is better. Aggressive support I feel leona is better
4 years ago#14
Alakazam_fan posted...

I don't always Sublime Archangle and Silverblade Paladin, but when I do, I win on the fourth turn.
4 years ago#15
Taric is good for SoloQ, since he can be both agressive ando passive, save the ADC for their mistakes and is more tank tan, say, Sona. But usually, if you know what your comp needs, there's another support char that can do better than Taric in that role.
4 years ago#16
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
Alakazam_fan posted...


<3 u bby
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4 years ago#17
Taric - Grave
Soraka - Corki
Janna - Caitlyn
Nunu - Kog'Maw

Playing support is not as easy you think. You need to know what your ADC need , not just picking the only support champ you have. Taric isnt safe pick either , using Taric on ADC without good mobility is bad because he only got 1 cc. Thats why Caitlyn paired with Janna , to cover Caitlyn from gank because Janna got 3 cc to save Caitlyn from getting raped.
4 years ago#18
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
Which champion out there do you feel like you just never see them do well?
(This is strictly from personal experience or even just prejudice. No one freak out when your favorite champion or an obviously good champ is said to be over rated)

I feel like people think malphite is top tier but he never seems to really be as powerful as he is hyped up to be. His ultimate is amazing for snagging a kill or catch a team unprepared, but he just feels really underwhelming past that.

I know you don't seem to care about feedback but the reason Malphite is seen as a top tier is not because of kill capability but... He's a Natural tank and if you build him nothing but tank items then he is hard to kill and his ult is not about killing it's about initiating. He has one of the best intiates in the game.

I gotta say Rengar is overrated.
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4 years ago#19
Vayne, people seem to be acting like she is close to a top tier adc, but she is very mediocre
4 years ago#20
Nothing to see here, but the post below me sure looks suspicious.
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