Just didn't dodge Skarner top in ranked.

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User Info: zefig

4 years ago#21
Skarner is pretty strong top. No fear.
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User Info: PhoenixEgg88

4 years ago#22
Ive just picked up skarner as ive always wanted him. Tried a few bot games just to get grips with his moves etc... want to try pvp but im a sucky jungler, nice to know he can do ok top as thats where ill probably take him until i learn to jungle better.

when you get a FH his moves just become like a rotation of permaslow, sustain and damage. I love him so far!

I can see him doing well against AD bruisers as his perfect item gives a boatload of armour, CDR and Mana.
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User Info: kourkour

4 years ago#23
From: Elfishguy11 | #005
aHappySacka posted...
Depends on who you'll be fighting, if they're a melee like Olaf then you can crush them.

I feel like Olaf would stomp Skarner.

Not sure about lane, but when I have a jungler olaf against my skarner and he tries to invade or fight me for any reason, I usually stomp him.
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