How long can you play League of Legends?

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GujinKami posted...
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I played over 60 games in a 3 day period with no sleep.

Every last game was Nautilus in ranked.

I won around 40 for a net gain of almost 500 rating.

I haven't played him since.

How? That's like 10-20 hours of League a day? How did you not contemplate suicide 15 hours in?

I had to get back to bronze.


I actually almost made it to silver.
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what is it called when it is not bronze...?
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End_of_Day posted...
what is it called when it is not bronze...?

The ratings below 1250 on the old system weren't visible. That's what I was aiming for.
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i miss the days when we were able to dodge our elos down.
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I'll be here all night.
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#26FlameLord23Posted 12/1/2012 10:36:48 PM
I can play most of a day with premades. I've done 6 hours straight without even thinking about it, on til 3 with a class at 9.

After a while we usually take around 5 minutes to chill, especially after getting facerolled or winning a close game. But without taking more than let's say 10 minutes off? probably 6 on a good day.
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#27DarkemastePosted 12/1/2012 10:42:04 PM(edited)
2 or 3 games of 3v3, anymore than that and I get a sudden urge to go outside and do something productive with my time.
Not joking. >.>

Edit~ Wow, theres a big gap between those that can barely handle 3 games and those than can go on 8+. >.>
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When i play alone, i usually just play one and quit.

But when i play with friends, they have a way of tempting me into more and more games.

Yesterday, I played one game and got bored and went to do something else.

Today I woke up, did stuff, got on the comp at 2pm, my friend asked my to duo que and from there I somehow ended up in a full aram game with 9 friends before logging off at 10pm.

yes, nutrition and hygiene was neglected.
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