This game probably has more perfect players than any other game.

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I have apologized for bad plays I've made. Jus sayin
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yakko1990 posted...
I've been told you do troll topics. While this is mainly you whining, it is slightly funny. I know plenty of people who own up when they screw up though.

He's just copying the gamefaqs hivemind and subtly trolling.
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Karmic Dragon topic, move alo-

Oh, wait, he's right.
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From: Quiet_Noise | #013
Karmic Dragon topic, move alo-

Oh, wait, he's right.

Whoa... For once he may not be trolling...
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I know a guy who when he tower dives and fails, and dies, still cheers that he succeeded. Usually like YEAH thats right you run behind that tower. I made that b cower! Rocked etc
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It's hard to admit your faults. Especially to randoms. Don't expect much from randoms. Expect them to feed and you to carry them scrubs to victory.

I argue with my support only friend that running AP runes on support Sona hurts our chances by not having gold yellows or quints and that our map awareness suffers. He won't admit it and I know this guy personally.

Now although it might not be the decider in the game it contributes. As does that double kill the top Darius got. The synergy in a whole team is more important than anything. And when someone is dead weight you feel it as well.

It's hard to get that across. I always try and pick safe picks in a solo queue. Y'know, Gangplank top is a very safe farmer and I never really LOSE my lane. Same with Xerath mid or a Lee Sin jungle.

You've been having bad games and just need to take a break and chill. Honestly, they're more likely to blame you and not themselves because if they can't look at themselves and their playing objectively they'll stay bads. You might want to play solo top or mid to be somewhat more self-reliant. Jungling is stressful.
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