Diana nerf?

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4 years ago#21
capgamer posted...
natewei posted...
Everything about her is stupid. What exactly is her weakness.

Same as Kassadin:

She's melee but her melee damage is poor. She does have a passive but it sucks unless you have some attack speed.

except unlike kassadin she isn't useless in most match ups pre 6, is tankier, and has lower mana costs
4 years ago#22
Nerf her base health and base shield, boom she is fine. She has a lot of damage, which is fine when she has to take a big risk to do it. But being as tanky as she is? There is no more risk. She is OP.
4 years ago#23
She's well-balanced in the jungle.

but unfortunately pretty damn broken as a mid or top.
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4 years ago#24
She's my favourite mid, and not because of her strength but because she's really fun to play.

A nerf would suck but I'm not totally surprised, she wreaks at 6.
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4 years ago#25
I do like how before this tourney there were a bunch of people, who were calling people who called Diana Op, noobs.
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