Season 3 will make building tanky useless.

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Thats how it should be, and I really doubt its as extreme as you are saying. Honestly tanks are ****ing bull**** early game until you get penetration. You are a caitlyn with IE at 20 minutes. The enemy has wardens mail ninja tabi and you don't do any damage.

I highlighted the problem area in your example.
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Im happy about this change. Sure tanks deal less damage but they take so less that in most straight AD versus tank fights the tank wins just due to their resistances. I was so sick of it. A Tank's role should be to tank only not kill damagers. I was personally tired of seeing Ammumus, Rammuses and other such tanks killing AD and AP people.

Also... Garen will be OP tier. Because his W reduces damage recieved.

Stack some HP with Mallet and Get a Cleaver. Then proceed to win.
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I highlighted the problem area in your example.

Even as Vayne you're still screwed. They only ranged damage character that really gets anything is Teemo who can fire and forget his poison.
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Hmmm looks like assassins will be the new meta.