The last champion you played has his Ultimate placed into his Q and vice-versa

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Cho'Gath now eats everything in sight and becomes Urgot.
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Tryndamere... doesn't die?
Congratulations! You just lost the game!
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So Kat spins for minor damage every 7 seconds, but can throw a blade to do hundreds of damage every 40? OP since the major damage is no longer on a channel.
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GlobalCooling posted...
ManoktheChicken posted...
GlobalCooling posted...
Can you please delete your Gamefaqs account?

Go back to your little cave, Legend. Four-digit karma accounts are talking.

So you are a nerd who has come to the forums everyday for the past 4 years and you still don't know how to make a thread that doesn't completely suck?

So... How is the Midnight Channel?
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Well, Mantra Shields and Leashes for everyone!
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Garen can no longer abuse speed buffs and silences, but on the bright side... Raining. Swords. Everywhere.
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ad assassin tf
Rudy sucks
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Well, that is OP.
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