The last champion you played has his Ultimate placed into his Q and vice-versa

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How does this work? Do you get 5 evolution points?
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Chum the shark over and over!!!!!
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Kha'Zix is now stealthing around the map murdering everyone with his 5 evolution points.
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pr0adam posted...
With the cooldowns staying the same, but the damage values exchanging.

I feel like 95% of the people who posted in this topic didnt even read this line. Champs like karthus,skarner,trynd which were listed numerous times wouldnt be made so godly if they CDs stayed the same. And if the CDs didnt switch, what exactly is the point of this topic??

Ikr? Even the TC didn't even read the TC's post like wtf. How can Ez fire global beams every few seconds if the cooldown is the same? TC IS A NOOBLORD!

On topic, Soraka becomes the best support in the game and even Karthus wouldn't be able to counter her because her heal doesn't channel and his does.
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