A detailed evaluation of S3 items, both old and new.

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You forgot the biscuit and 60 second ward you can get at the start of the match via the Utility tree.
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Don't really count the biscuit as an item as you have to have a mastery to get it.
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From: Xano1234 | #001
6. Avarice Blade-Can someone tell me if the Greed component is only for champion kills or if its for minion kills as well? If for minions, essentially a free TF passive.

All kills. It'd be gross if it was only for champion kills.
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Xano1234 posted...

18. Seraphs Embrace: 25% manashield. Basically gives you Blitz passive. Considering AA was very underused pre-S3, I don't see it getting used much more. At max mana, you are only gaining 30 AP not taking into account other mana sources. I feel there are simply better AP items.

You have to remember, AA is cheaper to build overall compared to S2. It also provides 60 base AP, meaning the item itself gives 90AP, which is already a decent amount. If you actually factor in other mana sources, assuming you have 3000 total mana for simplicity (not that difficult to do imo), you will have a total of 150AP from SE and a 750 mana-shield at full mana. I'd say that's pretty decent AP from a single item.