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3 years ago#31
The only loss in a bots match that I have was when three friends and I played beginners bots when Elise was released and the custom games weren't working. The random we had was a complete ******* and just as he was about to destroy the bots nexus, we all surrendered.

Completely worth it and no regrets to be found
3 years ago#32
The-World-Seven posted...

I mean of course you've got to actually carry your game, but this game was with two summoners level 5 and 6 that I was about to report for intentional feeding until I saw their actual summoner levels.

Singed. Will never. Lose.
Reason being bots ignore his poison trail and will walk in it until they die.
100% win rate guaranteed.

good game, i think i add you

so you pwn my bot games, k?

*slaps TC with a raw chicken*
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3 years ago#33
They're more for FWotD IP than they are for bot smashing. The only thing to be taken srs is the IP.

gotta get dat munny hunny
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3 years ago#34
From: GujinKami | #029
You ever playing normally and doing well and you think you're really ahead, but then you look at the scoreboard and gawk? Yeah...

lack of awareness gggggggg
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3 years ago#35



Triple CUTE! n.n
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3 years ago#36
Last night, my girlfriend wanted to play. And, she's really bad. Like. Really, REALLY bad. Like, she panics and runs away from minions, yet for some reason while just, stop everything she;s doing and attack two champions at once. She even argued against me and said levels were more important than gold. And I was like "You're right. You play one game every four months and I play four games a night, but I have no idea what I'm talking about"

So anyways. Easy bots. I decided to let her ADC, because she likes to. And I decided to support. We managed to feed bottom lane. A lot. Because she kept running straight for their turret, and I kept following her to help her while saying "Just kill the minions, ignore the bots" and she was not listening. But then I kept telling myself "Well, I'm sure Mid and Top lane will have my back. Right?" and then I'd call for help, and they'd run in, and die, too. and I'm like "...Right?"

We lost. We lost against easy bots.
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3 years ago#37
1) Bots, while not 'hard', are nowhere near pushovers. I compare them roughly to PvE monsters in a MMO. Not normally dangerous, but can kill/defeat you if you're not careful.

2) Seems like three of your teammates were sleeping on the job.
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If you love a person, you won't cheat.
3 years ago#38
3 years ago#39
ADC build is still IE.

the whole point of being an ADC is the whole multiplicative stats thing, after all.
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3 years ago#40
along with the "Uninstall" sentiments, every so often you're paired with 4 morons who decide to surrender because they're tired of watching one guy carry the game.
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