Who is, in your opinion, the most MANLIEST Champ in the game?

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There's a reason his Ult is called Man Drop
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Tryndamere is the manliest, he doesnt need armor hes mostly skin. His right arm is stronger then his left. His ultimate is just to straight up endure pain and cheat death for a time period. That is manly
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Dat voice. Dat tankage. Dat taunt.
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Same topic, same answers, surprisingly though slightly funnier explanations though.
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Voidgolem posted...

Dunks your carry so hard it shatters the battlefield, yo.
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Arken101 posted...
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Barrenite posted...

He traps himself in an arena with his opponent.



He's also got an even better DEMACIA warcry than Garen. >~>

I unfortunately need to agree with the Demacia statement. The Jarvan Cataclysm warcry is beautiful, while Garen's is more a proclamation of his dedication.

This. J4 is the manliest of men and has the BEST demacia warcry.
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if anyone says teemo they need to be shot.
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Hell that ain't his real name

Its Mantheon

His ult alone is the manliest ****ing **** ever
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Xin's aggression + Taric's outrageousness + Pantheon's weapons/skills + Nasus' voice = the manliest combination possible
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