Is Skarner viable anywhere besides jungle?

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He only loses top lane to someone who does large amounts of consistent ranged damage.

If you build him AP he can't lose lane.

The shield is just too good and all his core items are defensive items.
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Camel-Rider posted...
hotshotgg played and did well with him top today.

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Diorte posted...
You're kind of begging to get ganked and poked all day. This is the reason everyone thought Skarner was terrible at release, he's **** in lane. He can only really jungle.

How? How more than any other top laner? What about, say, Irelia? Skarner has a shield-speed boost, and on demand slows. How is he begging to get ganked? I don't have problems last hitting with Skarner's autos either.

Don't lane Skarner if you don't want to, but he doesn't have these huge problems that people are saying he does, except possibly mana issues.

I've seen success with Skarner top at ~1300 elo, and sometimes playing with higher elo friends. That's a pretty average elo, but I'm assuming most people here are pretty average. I'd be interesting to hear about the experiences people have had with top Skarner at higher elos. I was interested in trying it out after watching Trick's vid, since I really liked Skarner's mechanics (he demonstrated top Skarner at "low elo, 1400s").

Anyway, in the end, try it out. Form your own opinion. Top Skarner might be for you, or he might not be.

-Skarner slow is not on demand. It has a requirement, meaning it is not on demand. Please learn terminology.
-Irelia has a GAP CLOSER, not a movespeed bonus that gets lost when his tiny shield blows up.
-Skarner loses most of his damage when he ults. This is a huge problem for Skarner going solo anywhere.
-Skarner has bad sustain, no poke, and can get kited easily. He is far from the best champion to pick for top.

Skarner has too many gaping problems to not use Riven/Pantheon/Kha'Xiz/Garen/Talon/Anyone else massively buffed by this patch.
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-Skarner slow is not on demand. It has a requirement, meaning it is not on demand. Please learn terminology.

I was going to point this out as well. It is not on demand. You have to hit something with the first Q and then your next Q will slow them. If you wait too long the Crystal Energy will run out and your Q won't slow them.

not one person has mentioned why you don't lane skarner.

Have you tried last hitting with his auto?

That isn't even a valid excuse. His autos aren't awkward and if they are to you, you should learn to deal with it. This whole game is about last hitting so if you can't adapt you shouldn't be playing that character.

Tip: If you run through minions while trying to gank with Skarner, Q them first to charge up your slow. Then use your slow when in range of who you're ganking.