How necessary is the meta, to win games?

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Xander has never played ranked, by the way.
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Supercuaco666 posted...
Xander7756 posted...
2 top, 1 mid, 2 bot is the most successful. Jungle is unnecessary. Try it. If your team has no jungle and the other team does, your chances of winning go up dramatically.

Trolling, right?

No ganks, 2 guys splitting farm and exp. Free jungle for the enemy team.
Their jungler will wreck your adc and mid while you get a pair of non-fed bruisers.

Not that i think he's right with the non-jungling thing, but you don't have to send 2 bruisers top. Send one bruiser and a low-farm character, let the bruiser farm while the other tries and zone the top opponent.
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My premade team has won 5/5 games sending Cait/Vayne ADC+Nunu/Jarvan support top, some other ADC+Taric/Ali/Blitz bot, tanky AP like Swain mid.

lvl Nunu helps mid get blue buff with consume, falls slightly behind but 2v1 so you're not needed at the start.

Ban Malph/Jarvan/Wukong :p

Teamfights, Nunu blood boils the better ADC, ults to keep the enemy divers off your 2 ADCs, and snowballs+exhausts whilst Taric/Ali/Blitz CC+ exhaust. Impossible to get to our extreme damaging backline.

Nunu has Q to replace team's lack of smite.
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Most people fail to respond to effectively to anything that's not the norm.

Five man roaming gank squad pushing towers 4 minutes in? Yeah, people tend to not know what to do there :P

Just make sure you have an actual plan before you try something not meta, and more importantly... if your doing it in solo, make sure the rest of your team is on board. :P
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