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3 years ago#11
Lee Sin still a beast.

Any single target clear is good, the question is will Amumu and Mundo (the two fastest clearers last season) be any good this season.
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3 years ago#12
I'm loving Xin, and Noc is amazing in the new jungle. I ban Pantheon every game because he is just annoying. I'm like 5-1 with jungle Xin atm.
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3 years ago#13
I had a really successful Jax jungle game.

Started blue, had a slight leash to help. Got counterjungled and they took my red, so (without smite) I just immediately ran across and took their red without any help. Level 2 gank with double buff and almost full hp/mana was great on Jax.
3 years ago#14
rammus, I will be in any part of my half of the map within 10 sec from fountain
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3 years ago#15
blitzcrank so fun
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3 years ago#16
FlameLord23 posted...
Amumu and Mundo (the two fastest clearers last season).

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3 years ago#17
When I'm jungler, I've been picking Udyr lately. His mechanics are pretty simple, just run in and stun everything while tanking all the burst damage. His clear time is nice, as far as I can tell (although I have not tried many others in the new jungle yet). It helps a lot if you can get people to do enough damage for smiteless blue, cause then you rush wolves red and level 3 gank whichever enemy is dumb enough to be pushing.
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3 years ago#18
Karma and Soraka are great now.
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3 years ago#19
I am 5-2 with gangplank in the new jungle.
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3 years ago#20
Walker_Real posted...
AoE jungling is now the name of the game, and less ganks early because you don't have boots and the jungle is harder to sustain in.

Interestingly, as a Sej main, I'm actually ganking more early because in S2 I never started boots with her (Regrowth+1) and still don't, so with the base movespeed increased and less boots on laners -- it's a direct ganking buff.

So the boots things is a win/win for some junglers, I guess.
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