What junglers are you all enjoying

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Season 2 for me it was Hecarim,Kha'zix,and Skarner....so far season 3 all I have been playing is Jungle Eve. I've won my last 6 matches with her and my overall win ratio with her is around 70%...Liandry's Torment on her is AMAZING and I always build Homeguard on her boots to get her back in to the fights even faster. She was amazing in season 2 before and after her kit change (my opinion don't hate me ^_^) and she is even more beastly in Season 3.

build/runes/masteries for jungle eve?

as far as runes im still working on getting all I need but I build her mostly Armor with Magic Penetration. Masteries I build 21/9/0 taking all the ability power skills as well as spell sword down the offense tree...on defense tree i take perseverance, Tough Skin, Bladed Armor, and Summoners Resolve.

For my build I start out with the Hunters Machete and 5 pots..I grab boots on my first go back along with either the new healing flask or a Amp tome..I build into haunting guise and take boots of mobility and take Homeguard. I build Haunting Guise into Liandry's Torment and then work on building Ohmwrecker for easier ganks and tower dives..I then build Void Staff,Rabbadons, and Abyssal Scepter after dropping my healing flask
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-Early ganks are still deadly even without boots.
-Insane mobility over cliffs and walls
-His ult is awesome for ganking champs who block CC such as Morgana, Yi and Olaf.
-New black cleaver + Jarvan's Lance shreds armor and synergizes extremely well with AD champs.
-New jungling items allow for lots of options, e.g. getting ninja tabi + soul of the ancient golem for tenacity.
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well this dropped down fast XD
Before you do something bad take a moment to ponder. Is it worth becoming a prinny for? Or worse..Etna's Vassal dood?
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Jarvan, Jayce, Lee Sin, Mao, Shyv, Skarner.
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ad gragas
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"We're nerfing AoE jungles"

*releases items that boost AoE damage output by 25% versus creeps*

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deus_clivio posted...

Can't believe it took so long to get to this

take wolves+blue, and then do whatever you feel like. Want to gank? Sure. Keep jungling? Go ahead, you've got a great armour boost. Counterjungle? You may not clear too fast, but if you get found you can just jump right over the nearest wall and escape/

So good
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Udyr Sejuani Skarner, i have other champs but jungle ashe and caitlyn not so good
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Vi is the best jungler.
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Spirit of Lizard Elder
Merc treads
Cleaver (cause its broken)
(Something else, maybe FH)
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