Ugh, what is it with people and stupid LoL puns?

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EvilMewtwo posted...
Jokes of this brand are usually terrible. Put them in the morg and cover their graves, they're sivirly misfortuned.

best one so far
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This thread will provide many laughs, this I Garentee.
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Ferd_Da_Bird posted...
Nocturne So Fiddlesticks I Ahri saw Urgot this Renekton topic Nunu and Viktor I Leona felt Zyra like Jayce poking Xerath in. Skarner.

Where'd you get your puns, Albucorki? Irelia hope you try better next time.
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I think we're biting off Morde than we can chew.
Uh... Zoop.
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An enemy has been Swain.
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drink Russian, drive German, wear Italian.
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Lee Sin to me. This thread needs to stop.
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well somebody isn't Talon-ted

Yeah, no PerSonality
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Baron mind that threads like this can dragon and on.