Riot games removing more content in attempt to make a better game.

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Or as I like to call it "Riot games mimics Bethesda's business strategy"
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While your title and overall post is extremely misleading, I do want to see how Morello will explain that one, if he even bothers to try. It's a very strange thing to do, after he makes 39+ posts in an effort to justify removing Katarina's pole dance. He even specifically referenced Nidalee's dance during all that, and said it was fine.

Like people said in the thread though, it's still a pole dance, still sexy in one way or another, just less so. Why change it at all, one has to ask.
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Why is every female a 110 lb female with perfect breasts? And they're worried about dances being too "sexy"....
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Why the fuss all the time for such small stuff.
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Nobody important cares.

Please shut up so we don't have to hear your drivel anymore.
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you're literally raging over them removing a pole dance from a recall animation

who exactly is the butthurt one here
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And this is more sexual than what they were going to do for Kat IIRC.

Kat was just gonna swing around the candy cane but here Nidalee actually rubs up against her spear.

Nice move Riot.
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do people

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