Riot games removing more content in attempt to make a better game.

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4 years ago#171
I'm actually kind of content with all of the responses that we had here on this thread. They were definitely worth reading through. ~ Such a shame. Such a waste. Such a pity.
Artists sure are whimsical creatures~
4 years ago#172
DoctorEggman posted...
do people


Idk some people have a natural curiosity... I cant help but wonder why and how they will explain it. I mean it not like it just happened, they had to have talked it over and decided to do this and when they took it out of Kats skin they said its for theme reasons... well that wont work here since they arent taking it out, just toning it down.

Im very curious to see how they explain their logic to do this.
4 years ago#173
JaggiJumper posted...
The-World-Seven posted...
Technically Nidalee isn't even female.

wut. rofl

My Hubris is bigger than yours.
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4 years ago#174
reptilesrule posted...
When the majority of depictions of women in a video game are hourglass sex objects, yes, that's misogyny. It's conveying that there's only one type of woman that matters, one who fits societal standards of beauty. If you're a woman and not offended by this, ok. However, for the majority of women, this is detrimental as **** for reasons that for ****'s sake if I need to explain them then you have bigger problems on your hands than missing out on some pixels pole dancing for you.

People who argue that male characters are sexualized as well have no idea what those characters are created for. They exist for male power fantasies. Lee Sin or Rugged Garen aren't made for women to gawk at, they're made for dudes to feel like a cool monk or rugged badass. Women might find them sexy maybe, but that's not the point of their design. Furthermore, this ignores the fact that there are plenty of dudes who fit different body types in this game (Trundle, Urgot, Gragas, Ezreal, Singed, and prolly more). On the other hand, the vast majority of female heroes in League are specifically made to be attractive to fit mens' sexual fantasies. And the ones that aren't? Well that's what skins like Frostblade Irelia are for.

It's as though you're calling them sex objects just so you can say that misogyny is occurring. I don't see them as sex objects at all. They're champions in the League of Legends. They're warriors, fighters, healers, mages, assassins etc. who are, in addition, sexually appealing. I don't see any indication that women are lesser beings just because they're sexy.

Furthermore, who is even saying that only sexy women matter? Is that really the message that you get from the representation of a sexy female character in any work of fiction? It is perfectly within the champion designers' right to create their art as they see fit. If they want to create a beautiful, sexy goddess or a sexy assassin or a royally seductive spider queen, who are you to say they can't? The only voice you have is that of a consumer, and I invite you to take a look around at your fellow consumers. They love the sexy female champions.

I would maybe understand if you felt that the 'unsexy female' population was going unrepresented in League of Legends, but I don't even feel that way myself. There are plenty of 'unsexy female champions' in the game in my opinion and they 'matter' just as much as the next male or female champion.

and then...the other points I made in my previous post. This game's appeal to women exists in another, non-sexual realm. Girls apparently don't need to be sexually appealed to in order to get their attention. Males, however, are and I'm not at all afraid or ashamed to call status quo on that.
My Hubris is bigger than yours.
NA - TheWorld7 & Tragedy Baby // PBE - Je Suis
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