What do you listen to when playing League?

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4 years ago#21
Big Bang and GD&Top
SNSD (usually their happier songs early game)

Green Day
Linking Park
Simple Plan
All-American Rejects
Taylor Swift (usually early game)

Various Techno, Electric, and game music from Final Fantasy, DBZ Budokai, Shin Megami Tensei, and BlazBlue
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4 years ago#22
My little pony. It's my white noise and helps me to avoid getting frustrated.
4 years ago#23
Game soundtracks. Either my own playlist or using Rainwave.
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4 years ago#24
Spotify it works great with LOL and it's the most simple way to check out Artists albums for free it's truly amazing.
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4 years ago#25

Most fitting song IMO.
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4 years ago#26
I listen to my video game music playlist.

4 years ago#27
itunes internet radio... because pandora isn't in canada yet.
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4 years ago#28
I post this is every music topic because it's really the only answer.

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4 years ago#29

...plus Super Meat Boy soundtrack, various tunes from SRW, and assorted Homestuck things.
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4 years ago#30
Mostly game music recently. Last night was Shin Megami Tensei.
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