This should be a compulsary read for ALL players.

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I feel like bumping this.
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That's amazing. Bookmark'd.
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Dude takes the game too seriously.
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From: CheezWhizX | #020
This guide could maybe pass for a read back in 2011, but even then it's pretty bad (Kat and Skarner are hybrids? Ezreal isn't baby's first AD Carry? Jax & Irelia don't right click? Lux is a bad mid?).

Actually, I take it back. Back in 2011 or now, this guy has literally no idea what he's talking about.

his guide applies directly to you. No wonder you don't get it. the problem with trying to help people who aren't very bright is they aren't smart enough to understand.
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Me every time I go into blind pick normals.

Either that or jungle Win Nhao.

top/mid get instalocked/called EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. **** normal matchups are stupid as hell.
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