My S3 Akali Guide

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flyguy101 posted...
Pain, if you tell me how you jungle Akali, I'll love you forever. I knew there was was a way with hey kit. How? :o

My runepage set up for it is:
7 AD reds, 2 armor reds
9 Armor yellows
9 flat AP blues
1 AP quint, 2 HP quints

My Mastery page for jungle is a little awkward.

4/4 CDR
2/2 Butcher
4/4 Blast
1/1 turret damage
1/1 % Mag Pen
2/2 AD
3/3 AP
1/1 Spellsword

1/1 defensive summoner spell mastery
4/4 health per level
2/2 reduced minion damage
3/3 armor
1/1 minion thornmail
1/1 +30 health

One of the 3/3 AP masteries, bonus turret damage, and spellsword are kind of floaters, but I personally prefer them. If you want, you can also move some, or all of the CDR masteries into the AS, but her base AS is kind of subpar. It wont have the much of an impact.

I start wraiths_> red and don't touch the double golems until I've done a full level 4 clear. My level 4 clear route goes wraiths, red, wolves, wraiths, blue, wolves, and if I can, wraiths again, then back.

There are 2 decent starts from what I've tested. The safe start and the preferred start.

Safe is machete 5 pot. You can do a full level 4 clear just fine without any kind of help on wraiths or red. It isn't preferred because machete doesn't build into anything worth while for Akali.

The preferred start is Boots 3 pot. You will need help on wraiths and red, but after that you should be fine. Without that early help, you will take too much damage, and you will die to blue.

Basically, you go boots if you can trust your teammates to help, or machete if you can't.

Spell order is QEQW. I've tested starting E, but you gimp your damage on red buff too much by starting it, so you take more damage than necessary.

Your goal is to get to level 6 as soon as possible. Pre-6 your ganks are subpar. Post 6, your ganks are deadly. Regardless of what you start, build Akali how you normally would. After your revolver, she sustains extremely well in the jungle so that should be your first item priority. If you started machete, you can sell it when you're close to your revolver.

Just know she's susceptible to invades, and in doing so, you can get put behind fairly easily.

Have fun.
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Especially when the champion the guide is for has several situational build paths
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happyscrub1 posted...
I saw 5 big costy items as "core" items. I can't consider this seriously.

As in Core I mean these are the essential items that you want to get by the end of the game. Akali should either get fed from kills, CS or both. It usually isn't too hard to get most if not all of these items by the end of the game.

The most essential items I'd say would be Gunblade and Deathcap. From there, the build path is pretty much to your liking.
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I only skimmed it and don't plan on reading in detail but there is 0 reason you should be taking havoc in masteries over mental force.
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Hmm, I planned on buying Akali soonish, to play instead of my usual Diana/Irelia. Well, now I have a guide if I do :p.
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g-cube_masta posted...
I only skimmed it and don't plan on reading in detail but there is 0 reason you should be taking havoc in masteries over mental force.

You need points in Havoc in order to proceed the tree. I don't put points in Deadliness, since it wouldn't proc the AD portion of the passive at level 1.
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