Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?

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  3. Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?
2 years ago#11
BC, but I think it's just because people are still getting used to the new season. It'll come around.
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2 years ago#12
banner could use some stat improvements, it will never see serious use but I could definitely see it being a fun item 5x banner
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2 years ago#13
AD Kennen with hurricane is going to become a thing, I guarantee it
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2 years ago#14
I bought Ohmwrecker once, but it seemed pretty useless since considering how tanky I was I could just tank the turret anyways

I bought Scimitar just last game since morde kept ulting me. Seemed decent enough, I kinda like it but I was fond of QSS in the first place so I might be biased

My brother bought banner of command one game and constantly complained about how useless it was. Promoted minion isn't even that great and it's a 3 minute CD
2 years ago#15
Twin shadows is one of the best. Nice to catch people hiding in the bush or check if anyone is nearby. Also good for running etc. Lots of uses.
2 years ago#16
All the new items suck except the jungle items and Black Cleaver.
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2 years ago#17
Haven't seen any good use of hurricane, malady, or rageblade.
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2 years ago#18
Ohmwrecker is good to back door the enemy team or to tower dive low health enemies that are hiding by a tower.
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2 years ago#19
I saw an Ohmwrecker on Singed the other day and it worked gloriously. He had Teleport as well, would just walk down bot, dive tower with no remorse, then teleport back top and continue proxying.
2 years ago#20
The new black cleaver.
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  3. Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?

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