Duo queue partner

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peach_vs_faIco posted...
From: Danbaseball | #001
i am adc

From: Danbaseball | #003
umm like 910, i am better than what my elo says

Two reasons not to queue with this pre-teen

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Danbaseball posted...
POkemon_PoWeR posted...
Danbaseball posted...
umm like 910, i am better than what my elo says, im just looking for someone that can help me win games idc what you play

Said everyone in lower elos ever.

Umm your not even ranked and it looks like you are pretty bad too


lol he buys ruby sightstone with sightstone and they dont stack i need to imm0bilize this guy from the league lol
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The best way to prove all these Gamefaqs players wrong is to just carry yourself to 1800 elo and then come back and post your elo.
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