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Started on grump. On my way to blue buff and bot lane is spamming for help.fallen_acolyte81/27 2:05AM
When you build thornmail to deal with 7/0 kalistadrlolimaster101/27 1:37AM
TIL: There's an option in the video menu that lets you remove character outlinesTechino1051/27 1:17AM
Silver 5 last season, ~900 MMR due to bad tilt, 7-3 in placements = Bronze IIInissan skyline71/27 1:12AM
That was almost the throw of a lifetime.Mario_VS_DK81/27 12:48AM
which champ has never been top tier/secret op since their release?
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Grey_Asakura531/27 12:44AM
does mmr from last season figure into placementsHerbalSkyrim51/27 12:01AM
my ranked storyog_megaman61/26 11:54PM
Which janglers as of 5.1 can do drag solo early on?
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Maxo996201/26 11:44PM
When is Zz'rot useful?
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Gurwain281/26 11:43PM
Someone gifted me a skin after a gamefirepyro12191/26 11:41PM
Placement records for science! [Or for curiosity] (Poll)
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Ferd_Da_Bird221/26 11:34PM
I made a tier list reflecting the current metagame of league of legends.
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Dota2261/26 10:46PM
Got my first Penta in months, feel good man.garrasands11/26 10:35PM
Hourly reminder that Riven is an unbalanced toon.GujinKami71/26 10:24PM
The last male champion you played, and the last female champion you played
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Mario_VS_DK881/26 10:23PM
Is Poppy a counterpick to Fizz?deathisajerk51/26 10:20PM
Any updates on Ultimate skin as of late?GuiltyGhost71/26 10:19PM
Weekly discounts is a hell of a troll...012yArthur051/26 10:17PM
Why do people just back off of objectives for no reason?TheEvilOmega31/26 10:15PM