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So what's the idea behind the glowing part on Lissandra's head?_HeX93/4 12:38PM
How much do think Sejuani can bench press?CrosswindVortex93/4 12:37PM
11/3 Enemy Zed: [2/8 ally Cho] didn't feed.
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Metal Gear Raxis193/4 12:12PM
So when do we get an Ultron-like Robot as a champion?scaler2433/4 11:43AM
We're already in season 5 and yet we still have Dota references in-game.sauceje53/4 11:22AM
Sunfire Cape Katarina
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_HeX143/4 11:12AM
psa entitled adcsShulkpwns73/4 11:07AM
Skarner, is there any room for this little guy currently?
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euklb113/4 11:01AM
Oh, the jungle belongs only to the jungler? Okay then lane only belongs to lane.
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TastyOrifiel363/4 10:56AM
I used to think everybody exaggerated how bad riot is at balancing
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Zeusty143/4 10:50AM
''[Shield of Daybreak is] not an AA reset, it's like Tiamat, goes in-between''
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sk8r_ryan153/4 10:42AM
So, which champion(s) had a big impact on the game on their release?
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DeleveleD133/4 10:28AM
Can you give me corki tips?OhDrewlius93/4 10:10AM
Ezreal new skin "Coach Ezreal" confirmedgokuKOG13/4 10:01AM
Why don't all melee ADC have the highest base movement speed?yamas1173/4 9:54AM
Is jax still the champ?
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profzX163/4 9:51AM
dc cant get back inog_megaman53/4 9:26AM
Alright, so - How do you lane against sion
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OhDrewlius283/4 9:24AM
Estimate when the next "yearly" ultimate skin will be released (Poll)
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SeizureGoat113/4 9:18AM
Looks like Kass is getting 100 more range on his Riftskip
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frogzx123/4 9:06AM