How to determine which champions are getting remodeled next:

#1GuilmonDXPosted 12/9/2012 11:47:23 PM
Pizza feet.

Twisted Fate had Pizza Feet. Nidalee has pizza feet. Soraka, I believe, had pizza feet. I think Morde is next.
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#2KirbixPosted 12/9/2012 11:50:43 PM
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#3mrg59Posted 12/9/2012 11:56:55 PM
pizza feet?
#4MastaOOPSPosted 12/9/2012 11:59:36 PM
mrg59 posted...
pizza feet?

Pointy, triangular feet.
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#5MwarriorHieiPosted 12/10/2012 12:05:49 AM
pizza feet aka best feet
#6Dark_Luna3Posted 12/10/2012 12:08:53 AM
I have a feeling that Karma is next though, So this is untrue.
#7RunesCallPosted 12/10/2012 12:10:55 AM
I'm pretty sure Sivir is definitely next on the list. C'mon.. she hasn't gotten a new skin or anything for a looong time now!

When it comes to who's getting reworked and stuff... Riot really likes to just have on the edge of our seats about it.

They used to do some voting over the "General Discussion" forum on the main League site, but I think they stopped doing that.
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#8ineedaname88Posted 12/10/2012 12:11:52 AM
So singed?
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#9Damien 5000Posted 12/10/2012 12:13:33 AM
Sivir needs it. She runs like she's on the moon.
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#10XLockeDownXPosted 12/10/2012 12:14:58 AM
Sivir and Taric both need it pretty badly, just because of how outdated their whole model looks (not just pizza feet).