Has anyone ever played mostly as a support and be high in elo?

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Thanks for all the inputs.

It's just like that one video I watched, and seeing how most people who carry themselves into the higher elo ranges tend to be really good at one champion, I was basically seeing if it was possible to be really good at sona or any other support champ and pull the same thing.

And it seems like you can, it's just harder, but doable. There's something about doing a good job supporting, and your adc doing well and having a mutual understanding that really makes support much more satisfying.

I do love a good adc who knows what they're doing.
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I've climbed to 1300's using support on the BR server.
Did this for 30 matches, got bored and never tried.
I could try this season.
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Nhat Nguyen is a pure support.
Hafu can play some actual AP mids.
I think every single support on NA that is on a major team can play another role in solo queue.
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