For anyone wondering what the big MR item is, I think it's Runic Bulwark.

#21Rising ChaosPosted 12/10/2012 12:13:51 PM
The combination is significantly weaker too since:

1) Way less regen. The percent-based regen is barely stronger, counting SV's increased healing, but you still lose 80 flat regen from old Warmog's + FoN.
2) Less max health than before.
3) Crapload less MR.
-1) 15% CDR hooray... :[

It's fine on champions that have innate healing, or if you have Soraka on your team, that can put Spirit Visage's healing buff to good use. Losing the movespeed sucks for everyone but it's situationally superior total healing. It sucks major ass for someone like Darius or Shyvana who don't get much benefit from SV's passive.

Being forced into Runic Bulwark to get more MR than a basic Negatron Cloak is super lame. And heaven forbid I have two bruisers-tanks on my team (e.g. Darius top, Shyvana jungle) that might both want a big ticket MR item, because Runic Bulwark is nowhere near cost-efficient without the aura.
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Blbmbr666 posted...
From: gene0129 | #010
I miss Force of Nature already

Warmogs gives everything FoN did now except the MR. Couple it with Spirit Visage, and bam it's even better.

Makes Volibear amazing as well. BEARZ.

Everything except the MR...and the movement fact all it has is the health regen passive (not even the hard stat).

So no, Warmog can't replace FoN.
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From: Rising Chaos | #021
because Runic Bulwark is nowhere near cost-efficient without the aura.

Actually if both Darius and Shyvana built it those two would get +60 MR/+20 armor/+20 health regen. The rest of the team would only get +30 MR/+10 armor/+10 health regen.
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