Your favorite moves to kill with

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4 years ago#51
When your Ezreal/Ashe ult misses the mid laner that you shot at but goes on to kill the enemy top laner/jungler

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4 years ago#52
Jarvan Dunk
Riven R
Jayce hammer form E
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4 years ago#53
Nunu snowball, especially when someone flashes from it.
4 years ago#54
Jarvan Dunk
AP Yi alpha Strike
Nunu ult 100% charge
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4 years ago#55
Lux Ult is probably my favorite.
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4 years ago#56
Earthbound360 posted...
Singed's fling
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4 years ago#57
Cho's ult.
Irelia E. Get impaled son.
Corki ult




4 years ago#58
Mundo Cleaver and Jarvan Flag for standard moves

A Caitlyn ult through 4 members of the enemy team was one of the best feelings ever though.
4 years ago#59
phantasmplus posted...
Oh, also Grand Mandrop. It's like the video League posted the other day.


"*Closes eyes* It's on cooldown."

BOOM. Nothing like slamming into the ground so hard it kills people.

dat reference to the alistar in that video
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4 years ago#60
Ziggs Ult
Lux Lazor
Nid Spear
Xerath Combo
GP Ult

Oh, and of course cross map Shrooms
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