Your favorite moves to kill with

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4 years ago#61
Karthus' ult. Everyone always cries about how much skill it takes to press R. Makes me laugh every time.
4 years ago#62
Pretty satisfying to kill someone with Vi's ult.
4 years ago#63
Vlad's ult. It's like "I don't even need to attack you anymore, you're going to die anyway", and I like to laugh at them just standing there accepting their fate.
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4 years ago#64
Blitzcrank grab
Throwing a minion as Syndra
4 years ago#65
lol at Darius's R... more like Derprius.
I would have to go with either Caitlyn's R, or Karthus' R.
4 years ago#66
Swains Q is funny because the first tick is instant, its just ZAP.
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4 years ago#67
Vlads ult.

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4 years ago#68
Fioras r or leblancs q>r combo
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4 years ago#69
Lux's Final Spark (yes they renamed it some time ago i only just realised)
Also Pulsefire Ezreal's ult is pretty fun when it hits :D
4 years ago#70
From: ikilledkenny2 | #018
cho feast
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