Wukong season 3 builds?

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3 years ago#1
Topic^ I want to get into him again, and Now that season 3 is here with the items, what is the best build for him, (Dont want to hear All Black Cleavers, and all that)
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3 years ago#2
All Black Cleavers
3 years ago#3
if you dont want the best build you migth as well build whatever the hell you want.
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3 years ago#4
From: Kevman510 | #002
All Black Cleavers

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3 years ago#5
Drewdadruid posted...
From: Kevman510 | #002
All Black Cleavers

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3 years ago#6
Don't listen to these trolls.

Boots of Swiftness and 5 Black Cleavers.
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3 years ago#7
FlameLord23 posted...
Don't listen to these trolls.

All Black Cleavers.

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3 years ago#8
You can go the 5 x Black Clever route, but let's face it, unless you're really fed or the game is very long, you'll never get to that point. The most I've personally stacked on him at one time, is 2, along with a Frozen Mallet, Sanguine Blade (TT), and Ravenous Hydra. Needless to say, I melted faces and ended up with 19 kills and quite a few assists.

So with that being said, build whatever you need. Need more health? Build Frozen Mallet. Need sustain? Build a Bloodthirster. Magic Resist? Maw of Malmortius.

Best crop of items on Wukong:

Frozen Mallet (early game/rush)
Black Clever (early game/rush)
The Bloodthirster (early game/rush)
Ravenous Hydra (late game for team fights or just stack another Black Clever haha)
Maw of Malmortius (for AP heavy teams)
Guardian Angel (late game)
3 years ago#9
2 black cleavers are generally enough on him, you can go for 4 though if you want.

Tabi or Merc Boots
2 BC
1 Warmogs
1 Runic
1 Triforce/BT/GA

Lots of hp that goes well with his passive and he does good damage in teamfight.
3 years ago#10
BC/BT->situational, even after bc nerf. 21/9/0 apren reds armor yellows scaling mr blues your choice of quints(I go ms personally)

You do damage and you kill people midgame which sets the ball rolling for lategame. Catching 2 or more people in your ult with BC equipped is pretty much gg for any team comp, not even an aoe comp.
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