Video game reference skins you want to see.

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Susan0 posted...
Garen: Warhammer 40K
Tryndamere: Final Fantasy
Shyvana: TES
Sona: Hatsune Miku(Yes, Hatsune Miku is in games)
Darius: Pyramid head
Graves: Dead Space Protag( Issac was it?)
Vayne: Bayonetta

Riot pls.
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How has no one said draven - axel from kingdom hearts. Those chakra would be perfect
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Welcome to the League of it memorised?
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hawkeye2188 posted...
Blitz - Tin Man
Heim - Oz
Lux/Annie - Dorothy
Fiddle - Scarecrow(more oz themed)
Rengar - Cowardly Lion
Leona - Witch of the North
LeBlanc - Wicked Witch of the West
Warwick - Toto
Yordles - Munchkin skins

This is actually a pretty awesome game.
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Huff n puff 20 posted...
wanderer918 posted...
darkwall87 posted...
Hector Darius

All of the want.


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Xano1234 posted...

Karma: Kitana from Mortal Kombat.

Vayne: Bayonetta

Post yours as well

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Vayne - DO WANT!
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GForceDragon posted...
Exalx posted...
Dark Falz Xerath.

I like you a lot.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance, my good sir.
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FFchampion posted...
How has no one said draven - axel from kingdom hearts. Those chakra would be perfect

Dude, I ****ing love you right now
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leet_x1337 posted...
Riot are already referencing Touhou with Ghostblade, so why not just go all-out and make a Youmu skin for Riven? She already has something like all Riven's abilities, canonically, and could switch swords for the ult. Might have to make it a legendary since they don't have anything close to the same backstory, but...

Lux is Marisa Kisame

Alice Margatroid skin for Zyra
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Supah_Axel posted...
Donkey Kong Gragas.