Best and worst skin you currently own.

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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#21
Best: Haunting Nocturne

Worst: durrrrrr ummmmmm Bird of Prey Anivia? I only have like 4 lol

Regret: Buying Varus. Had to use a refund credit on him >.<
Never give up.
Never surrender.

User Info: omisfly

4 years ago#22
Scorched Xerath
Woad Ashe
Buying Brand full price back when I didn't know I have to have the champion before you can get any skin.

User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

4 years ago#23
Best: Rugged Garen. If you own it, any other answer is wrong.
Worst: Phantom Karthus, I think. Maybe Nightmare Cho.

Regret: Probably Shaco. I had some fun using him in 3v3s, but I hate jungling with him with a passion, and his damage output feels pathetic all game long.
*waits until someone says something funny to quote*

User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#24
Best: PFE I guess
Worst: Battle Regalia Poppy. I mean, it's nicer than her classic, but still pretty blocky and...meh.
[LoL favourites: Janna, Syndra, Rumble, Fizz, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Katarina, Volibear, Ahri, Orianna, Tristana, Amumu, Nami, Irelia, Sona]

User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#25
Best skin: Spooky GP.
Worst skin: Unchained Alistar.
I regret buying Karthus because I suck with him.
Y'know what? Katarina is my waifu <3

User Info: Price_Of_Fame

4 years ago#26
Best: The Lee sin one that the splash art that makes me wet.
Worst: idk, that's the only one I actually pay attention to.
Not a racist.

User Info: Small_appliance

4 years ago#27
Best: Brolaf
Worst: Totemic Maokai (it was on sale along with maokai, so I just picked them both up).
Regret: Shyvana. Even though I own every 6300 jungler now, I never play her. I just don't like her.
Cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin' a milkshake in a snowstorm.

User Info: MagiaIce

4 years ago#28
Best: Gentleman Cho'Gath
Worst: Renegade Talon
Regret: LeBlanc, I stomped pre-30 with her but I'm terrible with her now.
"They can't backdoor when they're coming through the front door..."~Me
Nami is my waifu

User Info: EvilLink-XIII

4 years ago#29
i only own one skin
Frost blade Irelia
Thanks Xool :D

User Info: Leon Vine Vanya

Leon Vine Vanya
4 years ago#30
Best Skin - Mythic Cass :3

Worst Skin - I'm pretty picky with buying skins, so far none.

Regret - Erm...I don't think I have any. I did buy champions I don't play, but I don't necessarily regret buying them though.
....How soon is now?
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