Vi splash art... omg

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4 years ago#21
she has some massive goggles.
4 years ago#22
From: Her_Paladin | #017
DepressedOtter posted...
>Vi isnt going to be oversexualized
>perfect curvy figure


if you want flat chests go play Final Fantasy or something ya nerd

4 years ago#23
I love it, but I really want to see her skin's art as there's a really good chance I'll be picking up the bundle.
4 years ago#24
I got to admit, I found this hilarious. Riot did say that they didn't want to over sexualize her, and yet.. they put her in such a ...eyecandy pose... ;'(

So confusing! But I definitely love her expression. She's going to make one helluva nice looking icon! ~ Such a shame. Such a waste. Such a pity.
Artists sure are whimsical creatures~
4 years ago#25
Also, what the hell is with Riot's obsession with giving people goggles
4 years ago#26
You know what they say about big hands..
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4 years ago#27
I don't know if they said she was nonsexualized, but more that she's tough, badass, a tomboy, etc.
4 years ago#28
_HeX posted...
You know what they say about big hands..

Big fisting.
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4 years ago#29
She's so Borderlands-esque.
4 years ago#30
Another Redhead...?
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