What's your favorite 4800/3150 champ?

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I'm bad at LoL.
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Jarvan all day.
I dislike this name more than Krudmuffins.
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MagiaIce posted...
From: jepaan | #015
ShadyDude posted...

i payed 6300 for sona !!!!!!!!!!

and cass i thought was 6300 too !!!!!!!

damn , i would like to play her.

but i feel like i have an unlimited amount of mids right now that i am confident for in ranked so maybe i will focus on top or jungle or something i dunno..

good choices though..

You payed 3150 for Sona. She's had that price since release, She's was released using the old pricing system.

Also, Lux. Akali can be fun too, but Lux is usually a safe pick.

I'm 99% sure Sona was 6300.

yeah i was pretty sure too man

anyways i'm seeing a lot of jarvans he must be pretty good, i'm sad i missed the free week.. unless that was this one i can't remember now and it's patching