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4 years ago#1
In case no one's seen it on the forum, Riot's being grinches and disallowing anyone from gifting people who haven't been on their friends list since before the patch. So this will make things a little less secret, but I suggest those who are taking it seriously add their secret santa partner ASAP so no one gets left out!


Edit: Gone ahead and sent a friend request to mine, so keep an eye out for someone randomly adding you, lol. :)
4 years ago#2
Just as a general message to everybody here, I will be sending out ALL of the names that are participating to everybody, and have your selection in bold. That way you can add a bunch of people, and will be added by a bunch.

Still kind of keep it a secret but not.

I will send it tonight and urge everybody to get that done ASAP.
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#4
That's a good plan. :)

Will you be including everyone's requests along with the list?
4 years ago#5
haha epic double post

I will not provide EVERYBODY's Wishlist, but I will make sure that everybody that gets sent the list will have the name who they are gifting in bold or some sort of stand-out ism... along with the requests from that person.
Lol IGN: WMP Bantam
4 years ago#6
... GameFAQs why u double post me.
4 years ago#7
Kind of messed up.

I already added my "target" way before the patch and gifted them just now tonight. Whoopsie?
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4 years ago#8
Crap, I kinda missed this. Am I too late if I haven't added them yet?
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