The most satisfying sound in the game?

#71Damien 5000Posted 12/14/2012 6:01:43 PM
I love Cho'Gath's death scream. Especially when he's built tanky. It's like slaying a dragon.
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#7213loopPosted 12/14/2012 6:01:45 PM
Jarmander DUNK
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#73Paranoia2mbPosted 12/14/2012 6:12:13 PM
Shocked I haven't seen any Ahri's death responses
#74StriderVMPosted 12/14/2012 6:16:48 PM
For a beginner Wukong player, I usually don't hear or recognize sound effects.

Except Nocturne's Ulti, it's just so visually and audibly obvious that's it's a sign of an incoming gank or teamfight. And I got to get there ASAP.
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#75ExalxPosted 12/14/2012 6:23:01 PM
Jarvan's ult.
Nidalee's spear hitting when you're throwing blind.
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#76GF15Posted 12/14/2012 6:47:50 PM
vlad's ult
#77runescaper95Posted 12/14/2012 6:54:02 PM
Jarvan ult, almost all of Rengar's quotes, BROMACIAAAAA, Ezreal ult, ahri Q, nocturne ult.
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#78JackDaniels1964Posted 12/14/2012 7:05:07 PM
the "victory" at each and every game i play
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#79HevansPosted 12/14/2012 7:06:57 PM
no one's mentioned fiddle ult =O!?
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#80kitsunekunPosted 12/14/2012 7:20:22 PM
Nocturne's ult. Carnage to follow.
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