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User Info: ArtosRC

4 years ago#51
Female Graves?

This is fact and cannot be disputed.

User Info: fetchystick

4 years ago#52
Female Gangplank. I guess I'll finally figure out why his roger is so jolly.
Not once did we break the rules, we only broke the barriers in their minds.

User Info: CaptainKatsura

4 years ago#53
Male Ashe.

Not sure how'd that would work out.Doesn't she like women?
Herp-a derp

User Info: Fayjit

4 years ago#54
female sion oh god my body is not ready.

User Info: hyorinryu

4 years ago#55
Male Akali, well, I'm sure he'll be reasonable. Hopefully I won't need to learn why he's called the fist of shadow >.>
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User Info: orcslayer25

4 years ago#56
I tried to hold her down for sexy times, but she popped Ragnarok and is now recklessly swinging at my balls...mistakes were made
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User Info: Thatonesmartguy

4 years ago#57
Female Yi.

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User Info: Felazan

4 years ago#58
wait so is Ez male or female now? anyway i'm sure it would be illegal so better stay away.

User Info: kagster123

4 years ago#59
Male Akali.

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User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#60
Male Riven works...

wait.... what 0.o?
oh noes 0.o
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